Homestay Stories


Coming to a new country can be extremely challenging. My homestay family has helped me fight all the cultural, social, and linguistic barriers that international students like me face. From getting my first bank account to the final day in University, my homestay family has been with me throughout this journey. I have traveled with them, attended Christmas dinners, danced at cultural programs, and participated in literally every single activity that they partake in.

I couldn’t have lived in Canada without them. I will forever be grateful to Polar Trails for accepting me into their program and introducing me to a family that helped me unleash my potential. For those of you who are coming to Winnipeg, look no further, live with a homestay family; it will be worth it.

Homestay Story - Astitwa


I was so blessed to live with my homestay family when I was a student. I got so much support in almost every aspect of my life in Canada. My family introduced me to their friends and relatives, helped me assimilate to my new environment and opened for me a beauty of Canadian wilderness. We shared not just home but our lives. We still keep in touch and this is priceless. Thank you Polar Trails for the perfect match!

Homestay Story - Svetlana


Hello. My name is Angela. I come from China. I have been in Canada for two years. I am so glad to live in homestay. I feel very comfortable and free at home. I often hang out with my homestay. We went to beach, camping, rode a horse and watched show and so on. We had lots of fun together. My friends always said, “Angela, I like your homestay, they are so nice and kind.” I feel very honored to live here. What are you waiting for? Welcome to join the host family life.
Homestay Story - Angela

Letters from Homestay Families

Wow! It has worked out better than we could have ever imagined. We have had students from Japan, Brazil, and Venezuela. Each one has been a delight and a great learning experience for our family. We have enjoyed sharing our customs, traditions, and culture while learning about theirs.

We have included our students in a variety of outings and events. They have especially enjoyed not only the culture, such as the ballet, but also the excellent discount shopping that Winnipeg is famous for. Our last girls had to buy an extra suitcase to go home.

The support and guidance that you have provided has been much appreciated. We look forward to being Homestay parents for many years to come.

Donna & Leor

Thank you for all your support, throughout the year. We have had a wonderful year with our students. We have great memories and made friendships, from around the world.

Monika & John